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20/100 Fictional Characters I Love…In No Particular Order

Name: Agent Fox William Mulder

Played By: David Duchovny

From: The X-Files(T.V. series/movies)- Chris Carter

Why: Mulder is the original conspirator. He’s the Winchesters, model 0.5. he’s just another BAMF, monster hunting, lad. And he does it all in his own little world, battere mercilessly by the pragmatic Scully. 

Everyone has heard of the X-Files, and pretty much everyone has watched it at least once. I think it must have something to do with the human fascination with the beyond and the abnormal, and we love it! It’s a T.V formula that can’t fail to intrigue you to watch that little bit longer…Mulder and Scully represent the two different schools of thought when faced with the problems of the mysterious and unknown. Mulder, always the believer, always willing to hope and accept a case that is spooky or far fetched as the real deal. And Scully, who’s pragmatic, realistic, grounded, and will always offer a scientific, realistic solution to the strange happenings that they investigate together. 

Mulder is like a child who’s been given a toy whenever he’s been presented with a fresh new case. He revels in the unknown, and almost lives off his theories of conspiracy, UFO’s, aliens, ghosts, and whatever else! It’s almost crushing to watch Scully beat down his theories time after time as he’s almost innocent and naive in his belief. 

Favorite Quote: Mulder:I would never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation. 

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